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Gecko Stainless Steel Small Wire Rack GEK-250

Gecko Stainless Steel Small Wire Rack GEK-250

Using a unique vacuum lock system the Gecko stainless steel small wire rack is easy to fit with no drilling required and holds up to 5kg max. Weight, this wire rack is completely re-usable and can be repositioned as required leaving no holes or marks.

• Locks tight with 60 degree rotation
• No need to retighten
• Holds up to 5KG max. Weight
• Never rusts or flakes
• Construction: Stainless steel & plastic
• Dimensions: 24 cm width x 13 cm Depth
• Easy fix to glossy and non-glossy surfaces
• 3 year warranty

Suitable surfaces include flat glossy tiles, flat non-glossy tiles, painted steel plate, stainless steel plate, flat plastic surface, flat coated wood, and surface where a vacuum can be maintained.

Non-Usable surfaces include curved surface, breathable tile or marble, tiles with deep pattern or ridges, cement or paper wall, leather surface.

Free Delivery, usually 2-3 working days.

Price: 25.21 (Including VAT at 20%)

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