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MX Cool Touch Vision Shower ZXF

MX Cool Touch Vision Shower ZXF

MX Atmos Cool Touch thermostatic bar mixer valve with riser rail.

• Fully Thermostatically Controlled
• Separate Flow & Temperature Controls
• Suitable for High & Low Pressure Systems
• 150mm Pipe Centers
• 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Minimum running water pressure: 0.1 bar, but will operate better at a minimum of 0.5 bar.
Maximum running water pressure: 5 bar. Maximum static water pressure: 10 bar.

• Low Pressure Gravity-Fed Systems
• Pumped Gravity-Fed Systems (High Pressure)
• Unvented High Pressure Systems
• Combination Boiler High Pressure

Installation & Operating Instructions

Delivery usually 1-2 days

Price: 60.84 (Including VAT at 20%)

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