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Orange Bathrom Light Cord Pull

Orange Bathrom Light Cord Pull

Add a touch of colour to your bathroom with this orange light pull.

Made from a soft thermoplastic material which is equivalent in feel to hard rubber. This allows the cord pull to bounce quietly off walls when left swinging once it has been pulled. The thermoplastic will not cause any damage to surrounding walls, and will not leave any marks behind. Another advantage of the soft thermoplastic is that it is comfortable to hold. Fine orange peel texture to provide extra grip for wet hands.

At 60mm tall and 30mm wide at its base the form was chosen for its simple, classic and timeless appearance.

Each cord pull is supplied with 1.5m of black polypropylene cord which has been selected for its high tensile strength. Black cord is supplied for its contemporary appearance as well as its ability to hide those grubby finger marks often visible on white cords.

Free delivery with this light pull.

Price: 7.82 (Including VAT at 20%)

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