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Pressalit Zaga White Toilet Seat 314000 BH9999

Pressalit Zaga White Toilet Seat 314000 BH9999

Pressalit white Zaga toilet seat.

A seat with a retro-touch, encompassing the best from
previous Pressalit classics - and adding some brand new
features. Soft and rounded forms, even the edges are
round.The new hinge-links of nylon are invisibly mounted,
thus leaving the inner sides of the seat and cover with
nothing but an even, smooth hygienic surface.

PRESSALIT toilet seat with cover, model
"Zaga", art. no. 314 made of colour ingrained duroplast with stainless steel hinges.
BN9 universal hinge

- centre distance: BN9: 85-185 mm

- soft, pleasant and well-balanced appearance with rounded edges

- load - ring seat 240 kg

- with inlaid duroplast hinges for easier cleaning

- suitable for many universal toilets

- 10 year guarantee

Delivery 1-2 working days.

Price: 43.55 (Including VAT at 20%)

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