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Pura Deluxe Round 200mm Brass Shower Head

Pura Deluxe Round 200mm Brass Shower Head

Pura high quality 200mm diameter round shower head, brass construction and finished in polished chrome. Swivel joint included allowing shower head to be angled. Suitable for fixed arm wall & ceiling mounting.

• Feature swivel joint that allows shower head to tilt
• Suitable for use with wall or ceiling mounted arm
• Fully compatible with UK plumbing systems
• Single mode shower head.
• Swivel joint allows shower head to be angled into position.
• Made from high quality chrome plated brass.
• Minimum water pressure recommended for smooth working is 0.2 bar [LP-Low Pressure]
• CE approved
• 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects

Delivery for this shower head usually 2-3 working days.

Price: 69.47 (Including VAT at 20%)

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