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Roman Ultra Care Glass & Surface Protector

Roman Ultra Care Glass & Surface Protector

For a long lasting sparkle on bathroom and shower surfaces. Ultra Care is the ultimate surface protector that repels the build-up of grime, limescale and stains.

Roman Ultra Care was developed for Roman shower enclosures and screens. It is a unique and effective non-filming formula for all glass surfaces, tiles, shower seals and aluminium frames, taps, trays and baths.
Roman Ultra Care leaves an invisible repellent finish that reduces the build-up of residue.
The added advantage is that repeated use will further enhance the durable repellent surface on your Roman showering product.

• Give bathroom surfaces a lasting sparkle
• Use on glass shower screens and enclosures, tiles, shower seals, aluminium frames, taps, trays and baths
• Repels the build-up of grime
• Winner of Best Cleaning Product - House Beautiful Awards 2009
• New bigger 750ml bottle!

Delivery is usually 2-3 days.

Price: 15.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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