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Tre Mercati Bathroom Taps

Tre Mercati Bathroom Taps

Tre Mercati Ltd is a family run business that has been supplying bathroom, kitchen taps, showers and accessories for over 30 years. and during this time have built up a reputation for offering quality products at affordable prices.

All Tre Mercati products are tested before despatch and offer a 10 year guarantee for any defects in manufacture. Chrome plate finishes also carry a 10 year guarantee. As gold finishes are more delicate, special care must be taken when cleaning and a 1 year guarantee is given.

As part of Tre Mercati's commitment to quality and continuous development, all bathroom taps have been thoroughly tested and approved in accordance with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

Delivery for Tre Mercati taps is usually 2-3 working days with free delivery for all orders over £75.00.

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