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White Wooden Slatted Duckboard 1600961

White Wooden Slatted Duckboard 1600961

Traditional and practical, this white wood slatted duckboard makes a great addition to all bathrooms. The duckboard keeps your feet off the cold wet floor and helps safeguard against accidental slips.

• Slatted Duckboard
• White Wood
• Matt Finish
• Dimensions: 54cm x 41cm
• Keep your feet off the cold wet floor.
• Slats let water drip through.
• Sturdy and lightweight.
• Elegant matte finish white wood.
• Complements any decor.

No more stepping out of your hot shower or bath and onto a cold floor, our slatted duckboard will make leaving the bath just as comfortable when getting in. The slats let water drip through keeping your feet dry. Sturdy and lightweight white wood with an elegant matte finish, this duckboard complements any decor.

Delivery 1-2 working days.

Price: 14.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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